What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is mainly the art of designing human habitation and gardens according to the way nature designs or creates systems. It is a design system that cultivates the harmonious integration between people and the environment as a means of providing our basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, and infrastructure….

About Us

Permaculture rooted occasionally in the Philippines as visiting Australian designers shared their thoughts with selective communities and individuals. Some Filipinos were able to get training abroad and started their own projects. Permaculture didn’t take root immediately. It slowly gained ground. Thereafter, organizations followed, such as the Center for Ecozoic Living…

General Articles

Common sense starts here.  A lot has been written about permaculture in the garden, what to plant, where to plant it and what to expect. Other available information deals with the ingredients we need and make in order to increase the output of our permaculture garden systems. Most of the…

The Importance of Permaculture Farming

I like the fact that around 100 years ago—not such a long time back in history—we were all organic farmers and we had a good understanding of the life’s major skills. There was no system to aid us, while books on the subject matters were rare and scarce.  So where…

The un-permaculture darkness of being

Permaculture is life, is designing, is creating and building with living things. Our health is determined by the amount of light we let pass through or inside a system. Darkness is often seen as the opposite of good health. It is the absence of life, yet the presence of sickness….